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Tnt And bedrock bug

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Tnt And bedrock bug Empty Tnt And bedrock bug

Post by Shadowmane on Thu 22 Mar - 11:58

Tnt And bedrock bug 2517814472So i just got the game today and was playing and i hit bedrock. Seeing a large bit of coal i plopped down some tnt and all of a sudden i'm at spawn. So i went down my hole and sure enough i had blown up the bedrock. Is this a known bug?

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Tnt And bedrock bug Empty Re: Tnt And bedrock bug

Post by Baydude98 on Wed 28 Mar - 1:50

Yep, it is. I really want to release the new update, but Linus is kind of MIA right now. He's been offline for 4 days, and not talking to me since last year.

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